Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out when and where classes are offered?
Check the Continuing Education section of this webpage, where you are able to download brochures for specific classes. If you wish to have additional information, contact Sandy Madsen at 503.413.2341 or email:

What is the difference between a parish nurse and a faith community nurse?
The two are one and the same. Faith community nurse is a more inclusive title and reflects the fact that nurses of all faiths and religions are welcomed. Faith Community Nursing also is the phrase used in the Scope and Standards of Practice recognized by the American Nurses Association.

How much do classes cost?
The cost differs depending on where the class is held. Check the brochures under the classes in your area.

What if my church does not have a health ministry emphasis?
Encourage them to develop a health ministry program. You might even suggest that they pick up the cost for the Basic Preparation Class for Parish Nurses as an indication of their investment in health ministries. We also have available Congregational Resources that will help in this process. We also ask that your pastor give you a letter of recommendation.

Is any faith group or religion excluded? Definitely not. Every effort is made to help people enrolled in the classes develop a health ministry program that honors and upholds each person’s faith tradition.

Are these paid positions?
Except when located in hospitals, these tend to be volunteer positions; however, some churches do pay for this service and there is a growing trend for a group of churches to hire a parish nurse. Whatever the arrangement, it is important the parish nurse / health minister be considered part of the professional team.

What is the role of the congregation?
The role of the congregation is to support health ministries, with each person taking responsibility for his/her health and caring for the health of others. NPNM firmly believes that everyone is a health minister and called to live as healthy a life as possible.

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